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Christopher Hastings: [In] issue #2, we see that the planet is very strange.It’s old, its original culture and society forgotten.It is not clear whether the triple-Olympic champion plans to re-ignite the sparks with his first flame, Mizicann Evans, who was seen with his parents at the Jamaica National (JN) Invitational meet at the National Stadium last Saturday in Kingston.“She remains a close friend of the family, and they (Usain and Mizicann) are in constant touch,” said a friend of Bolt.Six months after an inferno blazed between the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, and Slovakian fashion designer Lubica Slovak, the relationship has sputtered.Those who expected the two to make it to the finish line, may be disappointed to learn that the former sizzling affair has made it a mere six metres, if measured.

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In the first arc of the new I AM GROOT series from writer Christopher Hastings and artist Flaviano, the Flora Colossus finds himself separated from his team and trapped on a strange and menacing planet where no one can understand a word he says.

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From 1983 to 1986 Pint 0`o was the site of thundering lava fountains which rattled window panes 15km away in the appropriately named village of Volcano.

Those and more recent eruptions fed lava flows which have engulfed over 40 square kilometres of the surrounding land­scape.

Fall-out from the lava fountains built Pu`u 0`o up to a height of 255m, but at times it seemed as if the fiery convulsions would rip the mountain apart.

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