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But it's all implied, it's not shown.'I did air my concerns, but I think the director handled it perfectly... ” But she said, “If we're not going to to do it properly, we might as well not do it at all.”On the reactions she’s encountered since the scenes aired: 'There's a real cross section of people who are saying this is brilliant...Because the fight scenes were so physical, we had a day of rehearsals, which normally never happens. Dramatic: The shocking scenes aired on Monday evening, in which their characters Rhona Goskirk and Pierce Harris played out a marital rape scene shown two hours before the watershed, which many viewers branded ' deeply disturbing' Chatting away: Appearing on This Morning and Lorraine respectively, the duo opened up about the scenes which Zoe admitted caused her concerns although producers eased her worries, while Jonathan insisted they have had positive feedback from viewers'I watched it back and said it's quite heavy. but there's also a side of it that is saying it was too early.'Women's Aid have said that often after [broadcasts tackling this subject], they have a spike in reports… She’s the person I spend the most time with, the first person I tell things to and we share the same sense of humour.

star Zoe Henry has admitted that she doesn't want any storylines with co-star and real-life husband Jeff Hordley.

They reunited over Christmas when they slept together after Cain found out she'd slept with Pete.

But she turned cold after the tryst, telling her ex that it was all a big mistake.

Jeff has played the recurrent role of Cain Dingle since 2000, and it is little wonder that after establishing himself in the role of bad boy Cain he has often been sought-out to play pantomime villains in theatres across England!

He has also fulfilled a wide range of more serious roles on stage, including Napoleon in the George Orwell classic Animal Farm and the role of Mick in Harold Pinter's 1960 play The Caretaker.

“I can’t talk over you,” Coleen snapped, adding as Nadia continued: “That’s rubbish.”“If you beat your child your child is going to grow up [violent],” Nadia cried.“You’re not listening to me,” Coleen hit back, and Ruth drew the discussion to a close.

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