Jaejoong and wang ji hye dating

The director could not have asked for a prettier setting but the conditions made it harder to focus."The picture was really pretty," said Kim Jaejoong. Then huge snowflakes started to fall, followed by rain and then it turned to hail." Although the scene took three hours to film he described the scene as "natural and touching.One of his early notable kisses was shared with Wang Ji Hye in "Protect The Boss." That kiss scene took some practice."I put a lot of effort into the kiss scene with Wang Ji Hye," he said when he appeared on Choi Kang Hee"s radio program "Night Flight. If there ever was a NG award, it would definitely have been awarded to us." He had memorable kiss scenes with two actresses in Triangle.At the time, the two ate with pleasure that was far beyond mere acting, and has gathered attention of passerby, especially when Wang Ji Hye intimately feeds Jae Joong herself. Even though filming his latest kissing scene was a chilling experience, Kim Jaejoong felt that it went well.

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After giving the hiring directors a piece of her mind during a job interview at DN Group, she is surprised to find herself hired by Mu-won (who was captivated by her interview) to be the secretary to Ji-heon.

Determined not to be fired from her first professional job, Eun-seol works diligently at putting up with Ji-heon's childishness and keeping him in check.

Then the girl held his chin up and attacked him with a surprise kiss. Above all, till now this the most exciting and passionate kiss scene I ever filmed for drama,” and he didn’t spare words to show his admiration, “The two actors are really amazing.” Other staff said, Through this kiss scene, the viewers will understand Muwon and Nayoon’s feelings for each others and can see if their love line can end happily.” Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong’s fans watched the filming and screamed at the kiss scene.

Wang Jihye wrapped her arms around Kim Jaejoong’s neck to make a passionate kiss scene, Kim Jaejoong, in addition, accomplished a beautiful kiss scene with her, which led the production crew, who have watched the scene while holding their breath, to give around of applause. Wang Jihye charmingly asked for understanding, “It’s just a kiss shared in the drama, not in real life.

But even though they play love interests on camera, does that mean they have take their on-screen affection off-screen? Also, a Japanese article revealed that Jae-joong had asked Han Hyo-ju to do away with the formal talk and to speak informally.

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