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This wasn’t the first time that I’d asked people on Church Street in Coleraine to stop for a chat.Nor is it the only occassion that I’ve spent a day talking to locals in central Derry.Although abortions are illegal, the law does allow women to receive counselling and information about all their options.Make sure you choose a respected service as some anti-abortion campaign groups have been known to masquerade as counselling services.

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For much of its early life, RTÉ Television Centre's Studio 1 in Donnybrook, Dublin was its home—this original studio accommodated a small audience of about 120.

But none of us was quite sure why it was our fault. In Coleraine, our team leader picked up the same colleague in a fireman’s lift to physically remove her from a group of men who were complaining about Amnesty’s role in Northern Irish politics: angry that the organisation had opposed the internment and torture of Irish Republicans. In Derry, on the other hand, we were warmly welcomed.

I distinctly remember focussing to understand the accent as a man in the city centre explained to me that Amnesty had been there for him, when he was inside. But then, when I asked him for bank details, he apologised and explained that he didn’t have an account.

The format has remained largely the same throughout—dialogue, comic sketches, musical performances, discourse on topical issues.

It has influenced attitudes of the populace towards approval or disapproval of its chosen topics, directed social change and helped shape Irish societal norms.

Most conversations I had that day ended the same way.

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