Informative speech on internet dating


Historical events that occurred on your speech day 39. Topic: Modern Relationship Problems: How Social Networking Affects Your Love Life General Purpose: To entertain the audience. But is it friend, or foe, when it comes to romantic relationships? Facebook has 870 million users and 60 percent list themselves as being in a relationship. Anyway, getting back to the main point: this avoids the problem of trying to sort out if the person you met is interested in dating or not, which is a plus.Second, you can learn a bit about the person via his or her profile.Please note that workshop fees vary, and all fees will be advertised as soon as workshop dates and venues are set.

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This struck me as very odd-it is like running into someone in steak restaurant who is there just to buy a salad.

Dr Gabrielle delivers talks and workshops ranging from a short informational 30 minute speech to a full day interactive seminar.

Her two most popular talks, which can be presentations or interactive workshops are: Other topics, specific to particular needs, may be negotiated.

Specifically, the speaker starts by explaining what Internet dating is; then the speaker talks about how to make Internet dating better for her or his audience members; and finally, the speaker ends by discussing some negative aspects of Internet dating.

Again, notice that the information is chunked into three categories or topics and that the second and third could be reversed and still provide a logical structure for your speech .

In this case, we have a speaker trying to persuade a group of high school juniors to apply to attend Generic University.

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