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So if you are seriously considering an affair, you are most definitely not alone.

In fact, this was the number one reason that this exclusive and discreet married dating site was founded.

This site focuses on Illicit Encounters, a dating website focused on people who are divorced or married (which we do not approve) and are searching for some adventure to making things a little exciting.

Illicit Encounter provides a carefree and open platform for its users and if you compare this website to other service providers, you will notice that the male to female sign-up ratio is somewhere around because of the fact that this website offers a free sign-up for women and the sign-up for men is very high as compared to another service in the country.

Setup way back in 2003, they have been providing an exclusive married dating website for almost 10 years.

If this is the case, then please do read our Illicit Encounters review in its entirety. Illicit Encounters is the UK’s largest dating site for married people.

In the UK statistics show that an estimated 40% of women and 60% of men have had an extra-marital affair.

were stating they were single when they were in fact married. Everyone on our site is married, looking for an affair and looking for someone else who is married. One in ten married couples have signed up to the website and looked for an affair on our site.

Over the last few years the financial and housing crisis has had a massive influence on people signing up to the website.

When it come to finding a married dating site so that you can find a man or woman to have that affair you have been thinking for a long time, several dictum comes to mind.

The first one is “caveat emptor” or let the buyer beware for there are hundreds of affairs dating sites (also known by several guises including adult dating, causal dating and married dating) that are complete rubbish ranging from those stuff full of fake profiles other with genuine profiles but are white label version of another company’s site.

We’ve seen a massive number of people sign up who have effectively split up with their partner but can’t sell their homes, so can’t split up and can’t get a divorce. We've had a good number of occasions where both husband and wife sign up to the website – that’s become much more of a saddening trend now.

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