Hot chat peer to peer

Imagine a dating app notifying you when there is a match nearby, or a networking app connecting you with people on the go. Whether delivering a package, redeeming a voucher or selling an item, proximity range estimation can help you verify whether the person in front of you is who he says he is. Imagine a restaurant publishing its menu to nearby diners or professionals sharing their business cards with fellow attendees at events: p2pkit allows you to seamlessly broadcast content to nearby devices.Financial technology remains a hot topic for consumers, offering the possibilities of increased convenience and access to financial services at a lower cost.

Today, Sunrise Health came out of stealth to present at Tech Crunch Disrupt NY’s Startup Battlefield competition.Chat messages and voice calls are free in Bleep, but currently there's no way to ring "real" phone numbers (except the ones that are associated with a Bleep profile, à la Whats App, and that's not really a call).You can import your address book and invite your contacts to download the app via email or a conventional SMS text, or just send them your public key.There is a huge gap right now between what clinicians in psychiatry are doing and what novel treatments are available through technology,” says co-founder Shrenik Jain.As a first responder, he saw mental health victims die from suicide and overdoses, but also found his fellow rescue workers struggle with PTSD yet refuse help out of fear of being stigmatized or judged.As part of its Fin Tech Forum series, the FTC continues to promote public discussion of the ways in which innovative Fin Tech services – many provided by non-banks and technology companies within the FTC’s jurisdiction – can benefit consumers and the potential issues for stakeholders to keep in mind.

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