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I was asked by a friend to give my thoughts on life with a female bodybuilder. So, here is what came of the request: -------------------------------------------------------------- It befuddles me, and at the same time, amuses me, when I hear the plethora of reasons for not wanting to date a female bodybuilder. Underneath the trained and developed muscle, regardless of where she is now or how much she lifts or how intensely and committed she is to her craft (essentially, artistry of the self), she is still bits and pieces of that same young girl whose memories of her childhood are as fresh and vivid as if they happened just mere moments ago, much like so many men who are the same way.

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Als dit je eerste bezoek is, neem dan de Veel Gestelde Vragen even door, zie bovenstaande (FAQ) link.

tott, two*firecrackers, vale2807, uneas314, Aurora B, laduchesse, Blog Real, Moonmaiden23, ladongas, Reinosa, Sarahbellar, celestina, Anka, Rudolph, Hendrik-Jan77, annekasmum, JR76, Skippyboo, cmbruno, Winnie, Tee Tee20, Chimene, muriel, denice, butternut, HMQueen Elizabeth II, Dman, Royal_Royal, Royaladdicted, sophielouiseok, Michelle Q2, Prisma, Leopoldine, , Fatima.The reason for this was because that she found it difficult to understand why men could not approach her, or had the wrong idea about her and her discipline, what she wanted in a man since she trained and competed, and a whole host of other issues. She still is that young woman of middle school age, having seen the difficulties of growth into a new body and the beginnings of new social circles, a mingling mixture which no one, regardless of age, will ever escape. I shared with Dave, and he thinks this would make an interesting topic of discussion, plus it would grant a chance to see feedback regarding my take on the matter.Je moet je registreren voor je kan posten: klik op registreer op bovenstaande link om door te gaan.Als dit je eerste bezoek is, neem dan de veelgestelde vragen (FAQ) even door. Het is mogelijk dat je je moet registreren voor je berichten kunt plaatsen: klik op 'Registreer' om door te gaan.User Alert System provided by Advanced User Tagging v3.2.5 Patch Level 2 (Lite) - v Bulletin Mods & Addons Copyright © 2017 Dragon Byte Technologies Ltd.

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