Honest dating

Now, after four and a half months, I find myself single, alone and detached, with only memories of another failed relationship that was unable to reach the heights of a perfect, happily ever after. Do I ashamedly walk that familiar and humiliating path back to online dating?

Do I really want to return back there again, with all the other heartbroken, flawed, emotionally crippled and damaged people?

I want to live in a world where things like "will stop talking to you after one date, no matter how great it is" are made apparent immediately, or where I can unapologetically be myself without the fear of not being accepted. I may seem like a carefree cutie, but believe me, my life is a mess.

The reality of dating me, is that you're dating my mental illnesses as well, so lets get to know them in a refreshingly honest dating profile. If for some reason you decide you're interested in me, here's a brief introduction to some friends you're going to have to get to know.

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OCD, my first diagnosis, accompanies me everywhere I go.

Why would a potential match need to know about your untameable back hair situation or that you secretly loathe pizza?I'm forced to stare idly at the pretentious profile photos gazing back at me through my phone screen.”Back here again,” I sigh to myself, as my thumb begins the tedious and soul-destroying process of swiping back and forth.So, what exactly should my dating profile sound like?Or many feel obligated to follow through with a relationship just because they have been dating for a while, even though they may have some strong reservations.But if you are struggling with any aspect of who a person is, you probably need to look at that as a red flag.Ultimately, that is what the dating process is for – to decide, based on what you have learned, whether or not to marry that person.

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