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A parcel from Simpson-Sears mail order had just been delivered -- my first electric guitar . Many parts are readily available at local music stores, unfortunately, many salesmen and/or guitar techs do not respect Harmony instruments, and often will not want to put themselves out by looking in the back room or sifting through their suppliers' catalogues to come up with the part.

I took a walk over to the hardware store that Dad managed (a new career to offset last year's disaster when our crop was hailed out) to take a lunch break from my summer painting job. Sitting in the family 1960 blue Pontiac in the lane behind the store, I tore open the box. Most Harmony instruments do not have great antique value. The older ornate models have additional worth, as well as the rare and/or unusual models.

In 1916, the Sears, Roebuck Company purchased Harmony and appointed Jay Kraus as vice-president.

The following year Jay succeeded founder Wilhelm Schultz as president.

Generally, it is worth what someone is willing to give and you are willing to take.

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Most Electric Harmony instuments fall into the .00 to 0.00 range. Most acoustic Harmony instruments sell in the .00 to 0.00 range.Millions of hobby players have owned and played on Harmony guitars.Now is your chance to tell us about you and your Harmony instrument!Most have a floating wood bridge with the pressed metal tailpiece.Some of the older ones have a piece of metal fret like material for a saddle. I remember that the first thing I played on it was a low string "Honky Tonk" blues riff I had learned from a kid at Air Cadet Camp in St. If the mark looks something like F-68JT, The F stands for Fall, as in the season the 68 stands for 1968, the other marks may be a shift, production or plant number.

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