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To remind yourself (or someone else) to do something at a certain time, type /remind [yourself, a coworker, or #channel] [whatever you want to remember] [when you want to be reminded about it] Enter, and Slackbot (Slack's auto-responding robot) will take note.

Only you will be able to see the reminder, so don't worry — no one else will find out how forgetful you are.

Even when the spying software market if full of hacking applications, it is still difficult to choose the exact tool to use.

Since we've been using the service for well over a year now, we've become pretty fluent in the language of Slack. When you're not sure how to respond to someone's message on Slack — or when only a short, funny video will do — say it with a GIF. No, I'm not talking about procrastinating on your tasks or pranking your coworkers by giving them too much tuna while you should be working (although we hear that's fun, too. I'm talking about Slack, the hot messaging app that somehow makes work communication fun.Seriously — here at 9 Clouds, we take way too much joy in our Slack conversations.Save yourself the sting of searching for a friend’s profile only to discover they’ve heartlessly terminated your friendship God knows how long ago.This extension will let you know by adding a "lost friends" tab to your page. In one of the most insidious moves of all, Facebook stores every page, person, and one-night stand you’ve ever searched for.This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for Wii.

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