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Man left his i Phone 5 So how the fuck you gonna write your lies?

] lick a man down for his watch Man tried escape, man try escape in the A Three, me and Kush jumped in the whip, bare skrr skrr Bare handbrakes on the roadside Catch man and break man's face We can do the bootings, we can do the shootings If I tap a mission I'ma boot his door in Big rambizzy pon my side When we step through your mandem wan' hide Man do road, man do road with the Ounto Man do road with the smoke Pussy don't choke, wet up my roach Must can hold a two box in your nose, no problem [Verse 2] I've done road on my lonelies If it wasn't for this music, man I swear they wouldn't phone me But thats just how it goes, B I've always been around the wise, so i know who's my co-d They can't fool me, I swear they can't stall me Them pussyboys going down south like Morley's All they ever did was just stall me It's man crush monday, fell in love when she saw me Let's take a stroll down ganster hill Guns and knives is what you see on a ganster's will I can't wait to the day that I'm soundin' like nine Sayin', "I got bare jewels like Stamford hill" My niggas gettin' this money and still bangin' I hope I be gettin' this money and still rappin' Open doors don't mean nothin' to me if I'm still trappin' Doing road, rollin' around theres no lackin' These niggas sending threats, I don't give a fuck When my daddy left me he didn't give a fuck So when I see that certain someone I don't give a fuck Kidnap a bitch nigga, make him live with us How we living rough, I swear how we living rough That's why when my niggas hit the belly all they do is blush They heard that we be violent, they don't fuck with us Before my Blackbox came I never heard them sayin' "You soon blow Abz, you're killing all these shows Abz Your on my Snapchat and my Twitter, bro, your known fam" But my question is, when the buzz decides to leave will they remember me?

Ricky defends flat-earthers, and the Boys learn that Michael J Fox’s middle name is Andrew! On the anniversary of Ken Jenning’s massive Jeopardy winning streak, the Boys play a game of Sunnyvale Jeopardy using the same questions Ken answered on June 2, 2004. The Boys chat about celebrity birthdays, Budd Hist (the man who set himself on fire), and champagne colonics. The Boys are in a great mood now that the Swear dicks have stepped up their catering game for the podcash.

They chat about Bruce Mc Culloch’s birthday, concrete cars, and Ricky cooks up a scheme to design a bluetooth parasite that can be used...

The Boys are on the liquor hard for Canada’s 150th borntday and their 100th podcash!

They roll out the red carpet for Trinity, Sarah, Cory, and Jacob, and they’re joined by a bunch of drunk and stoned d******ds from the park! The 99th instalment of the podcash gives Bubbles the perfect opportunity to tout Wayne Gretzky’s many impressive hockey achievements, but Ricky would’ve preferred 99 joints of weed on the wall instead.

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