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Fox Business’ Charles Gasparino, a friend of the late actor, took to Facebook to post a heartfelt tribute shortly after Frank's passing.'To say Frank was a NY legend is an understatement - he bled this city and its egalitarian promise.

People love to talk how no one can get a table at Rao's. The tables were given out to old time customers when the place became hot some years ago.

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If compatible, I'd like to eventually evolve into a discreet friend/sexual relationship. I'm not looking specifically for a one night stand, but would not rule one out.

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I just want to enjoy some of the things that I am missing. Is there any local married women with a similar situation?

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He was also the co-owner of Rao's - an Italian restaurant in Harlem, New York, frequented by celebrities such as Jack Nicholson, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo Di Caprio.

Insiders say the popular eatery will be closed for a week to mark his death.

I am not looking to leave my marriage and and not expecting you to do so either, but am hoping to find what I am missing... unfortunately evenings and weekends are more difficult for me. I do not have an age preference, as bad marriages are not limited to a specific age range A local married woman would be ideal.

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