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The enhancements could add an additional 20 years to Anaya’s sentence if he’s convicted.

Anaya was one of two suspects detained following the stabbing. Paul Manning said Friday that a 25-year-old female suspect remains incarcerated on an unrelated warrant.

According to court reports, Anaya was found to be in possession of a black Ruger revolver.

Sixth District Magistrate Paul Laggis told Anaya on Friday that the prosecutor also intends to charge him with felony enhancements for use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a crime and as a persistent violator.

Hillary meanwhile seemed to be unaware of what was happening behind her, as was the rest of the world until Eric Garland of The Hill posted a Vine of the awkward encounter which has now been seen over 500,000 times. She's hilarious.'Prior to his failed bid for mayor he served in the U. House of Representatives for New York's 9th district, but resigned after it was revealed he had been exchanging sexual explicit photos and messages with multiple women.

Weiner premiered last month at Sundance, and Vulture called Huma's behavior one of the most fascinating things about the film, writing; 'Abedin's body language, all the time. A second scandal of a similar nature later broke out in July 2013, this time involving a 22-year-old woman named Sydney Leathers who said she had still been receiving explicit photos and texts from Weiner. Trend: Huma (above in New Hampshire on february 5) apparently displays similar behavior in the upcoming documentary Weiner about her disgraced husband Anthony Weiner's failed run in the New York City mayoral race This may have something to do with The New York Times report that many critics not only believe Hillary beat Bernie Sanders in Thursday's debate, but some are even suggesting she turned in her best performance ever on the stage.

Poston stayed with the motorist until emergency crews arrived on the scene.You may make out the Harbour Control Tower in the distance and behind that the green of the headland at Torry leading left to the harbour mouth and the Torry Battery.On the right you might see the Grampian Eye big wheel at the beachfront funfair.The Aberdeen Police Department is a community-oriented police organization comprised of 45 commissioned officers, nine civilian employees, and seven volunteer reserve officers.We provide around-the-clock services in the City of Aberdeen and on the Northern State University campus.This webcam is mounted on the Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen ( a famous Art Deco building.

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