Death dating vs planned obsolescence

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I didn’t have a PROPER old fashioned apprenticeship, my father did, his parents had to pay his “ day if you laughed at your master for making a trivial mistake, your master would punch you in the mouth, and unless you wanted your apprenticeship to end then and there, you took it…The framework articulates two types of life-cycle match and two types of life-cycle mismatch.The article also contributes to the literature by delineating an integrated framework of firm-specific and market-based factors which account for some firms' persistence with obsolete technologies.My own apprenticeship was not that tough, I didn’t actually have to pay for permission to go to work, though I did get paid sweet fuck all, and did have to take whatever was dished out.Turns out, in later life, I realise that I had some other apprenticeships too, even though I didn’t realise them at the time…Mc Henry's account is consistent with other published accounts of freeganism that show the word as beginning to be used in the mid-1990s by participants in the antiglobalization and radical environmental movements.—defines freeganism as "an anti-consumeristic ethic about eating" and goes on to describe practices including dumpster diving, plate scraping, wild foraging, gardening, theft, employee scams, and barter as alternatives to paying for food.

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