I’m interested and I'm awesome - you need to know that.

You need to believe in what you have to sell, whether you are selling your wares or your are selling your winning personality.

Nothing is scarier than someone who talks about marriage or love on the first date, so why would you jump straight into the sale in the first meeting. Take the time to understand their business and don’t suggest solutions before you really understand their needs.


When it comes to modern dating, the dance goes something like this; Find someone you like. In sales, that’s basically someone saying that they know they need your product or service, but it’s just not in the budget or they are too busy to really consider it right now. Some may even say it’s a challenge and I say, “challenge accepted!

But I am going to follow up 2-3 days after I give you my phone number and then every week thereafter until you turn me down or it becomes really obvious that you don’t want to go for dinner and a movie. If anything, you’re setting me free so that I can focus my time and attention on cultivating a relationship with someone else. Someone who I can share goals, hopes and dreams with.

Someone that I can help support and build a long relationship with over the years. Sometimes this persistence pays off and the person you are trying to date/sell to sees your value and understands that you can offer them something more. They get that you want to help them be better and that you are capable of doing it. Of course, sometimes people are just jerks and you date the wrong person for a little bit too. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and move on to the next lucky guy or gal.

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