Dating tips keep conversation going


Periodically, a new serve sets the exchange on a new course.Of course, both players need to keep their paddles up and make the effort to send the ball back to the other court.The art of conversation is something we all pick up from childhood.We listen to the way those around us interact, and we understand quickly how it works.Meeting new people always presents challenges when it comes to getting the ball rolling — or bouncing.First dates, online chats and just approaching that pretty girl in the coffee shop who smiled at you requires some kind of dialogue.You might, very briefly, tell her a little something about yourself — your name, age, where you’re from and what you do, perhaps.If you’ve already chatted before, have a few topics in mind you know are of interest to her.

Some people are just better at keeping the conversation going than others.Example: She says something about the party she went to last night, and then you could say – “ Now you know exactly what you’re gonna talk about next, so you can simply focus on making the most of your current topic.Personally, any time I think of an interesting topic, I hear a story, a joke or I come up with a question for her – I write it down in a notebook, and when I talk to her on Skype or phone I keep the notebook somewhere close to me, in case a dreadful or even put on paper some topic ideas that you plan on discussing with your girlfriend and save yourself the stress and frustration of coming up with creative ideas on the spot. 10 Tips Okay, so you’ve met a great guy that you really like.But how do you keep the conversation going so that he doesn’t get bored?Conversation Help Keeping Track of the Basics Getting in a Rhythm Community Q&A Keeping a conversation going takes certain skill, but once you know what to do, it is easy.

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