Dating persona test okcupid


Generally, the more number of quality backlinks you have pointing to your website the higher you rank on Google and other search engines.Ok Cupid has more than 213,000 backlinks pointing to their website.

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All he needed now was an irretrievably off-putting bio to truly put his subjects' dignity to the test."I wanted to make this so idiotic and unappealing that no one in their right mind would show interest in this girl," Fee says.Lets now look at how they managed to grow from a startup to a stage where finally acquired them.While analyzing the Ok Cupid website, it is easy to see that they use content to generate traffic to their website.When Ok Cupid launched, there were already big competitors like eharmony and dominating the industry.Yet, in a few years since they started Ok Cupid did manage to become the go-to websitein the online dating industry. Ok Cupid was the fastest growing dating website, and it generated most of its revenues through advertising.While Urban Spoon used the Spoon Back Program to generate backlinks to their website, Ok Cupid got most of their backlinks via good quality content and tools.

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