Dating not settling

Another study reports that, when it comes to thinking about size, it seems men are much more worried about their package than women are.

And, chances are, you (or your date tonight) fall somewhere right in the “normal” range, which may not be such a bad thing.

Only a few hundred Americans lived in either territory, and most were scattered among the Mexican settlers.

However, due to the constant stream of favorable reports sent back east, the 1840s saw a dramatic increase in white American settlers in the Far West.

Just like having a virtual wingman by your side, it takes the hassle and stigma out of dating and paints a better picture of you as a person.

Your friends can even recommend other singles on the site to you, and it doesn't matter who starts the process - your friend can add you, or you can join up and simply give us your friend's email address.

I met up with the newly minted congressman in his office — a first-floor, three-room suite not far from the main entrance of the Longworth Office Building. The quarters were a little tight, but they weren't bad for a freshman member of the 115th Congress.

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