Dating montreal annabelle gagne

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Our members are interesting singles looking for long term compatibility and we aim to help them find it.

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Montreal does a lot of things differently than the rest of the country, not to mention our neighbours to the South. We smile and nod a lot and save all the true stuff for later when we mock you to our close friends.

Yes, we speak two languages, yes, the idea of a good time often involves drinking king cans of beer in an alleyway, and yes, dating here is just different than everywhere else. Your relationship with your winter partner will be put to the test; as temperatures rise above 10 degrees Celsius, hordes of sun-deprived Montrealers leave the confinements of their homes to drink on terraces, dressed in what would normally be considered beachwear. It’s a pejorative term, often accompanied with a heartfelt eye roll, used to designate the large proportion of local men afflicted by Peter Pan Syndrome.

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