Dating ideas in chicago


Get to know your date indoors or snuggle up outdoors with these ideas. If you live in Chicago and haven’t gone ice skating in Millennium Park, we suggest you check that off of your bucket list ASAP.Ice skating is the perfect winter date idea because you can only do it once a year outdoors!Plus, you get to listen to Christmas music and enjoy the beautiful Chicago scenery while you do it!

If you both have a bug for finding cheap records or furniture, take a walk around your neighborhood for the latest sidewalk sales or peruse the odds and ends at a nearby market. For some, that means it’s prime time to get out and go on some proper dates. Daybreaker is the most fun dance party you’ll ever have at a.m. Chicago is slowly—but surely—welcoming warmer weather, and its residents are officially coming out of hibernation.Need some inspiration for where to take your favorite spring fling? ice cream shops in varying delicious styles: Dairy Queen, Jeni’s, Froyo Chicago, and the brand new FRÍO Gelato. Head to Cocoa Co for a coffee date and try some of the cafe’s new seasonal creations, like an Affogato (vanilla ice cream in La Colombe espresso), a handmade ice cream sandwich, or an elderflower matcha latte. on a Wednesday—and possibly more fun than any you’d have on a Friday or Saturday night, too—and a pretty awesome way to have a blast with a date before you head off to work for the day.It’s a monthly occurrence, so keep an eye on, or sign up for email alerts, to get in on the next event.There's no better time than now to plan for a beach date, whether you're going with a group of friends or hanging out one-on-one.

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