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She launched Rewire Me in the spring of 2013, thus embarking on another amazing journey.Granted I’ve been out of the dating game for quite some time, but I still can’t believe how much has changed.Rewire Me founder Rose Caiola is a happy and grateful mother, wife, daughter, business leader, writer, teacher, speaker, and investigator of a number of disciplines that promote wellness.Along her ongoing journey to self-awareness and self-improvement she saw the need for a destination resource for everyone seeking ideas and information for well-being.Many of us unknowingly self sabotage our chances at finding happiness.Whether it’s low self-esteem, insecurity, fear, being unclear about what you want, or all of the above, we are often unable to separate healthy connections from dysfunctional ones.

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brooke_girl Friend’s roommate took a girl home from the bar and they started drunkenly tearing each other’s clothes off as soon as they got through his bedroom door.

What it takes for this fierce beast to conquer sweet Belle? A lot of attention to details and a bit of something else? Then give a hand to Rapunzel to write a love letter to Flynn. These two lovers are getting ready for a romantic evening. Rapunzel and Flynn, Elsa and Jack, Jasmine and Aladdin take part in a new special winter contest.

Help them found their their outfits to get the best high school look!

Flynn And Rapunzel are celebrating the day they have first met right...

Let's have some fun with this fresh new game for Valentine's, where Elsa and Jack need to prep up for a romantic date.

While I was rebounding from a 5-year relationship, I went on a sort-of date with this weird dude from my community college who kinda stalked me, but was pretty much harmless. It was awful, the ball wasn’t inflated properly so every rotation you hit the floor it hurt, it was wet so there was water inside the ball and we had to jump out at the bottom of the hill into a puddle so wet sock galore. Gave us something to talk about though, been together nearly 4 years 🙂 The Charity Of Me __________ Had a good friend at University who disappeared overseas for a year after we graduated.

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