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They are guidelines that help avoid mistakes (like offending someone when you don't mean to) and misunderstandings (like being offended when you're not meant to).

These core rules of email etiquette help us all communicate better via email, and it pays to know them.

I am always included / invited to everything in my partner's family, and I would feel like complete crap saying, "Sorry, sweetheart, but I'll see you on Sunday evening.

And hey, make sure you remember to clean the bathroom and do the laundry while I'm gone!

I didn't receive my own invitation - but my name was merely attached onto my parents invitation (i.e., "Mr. Apparently, my cousin and his wife-to-be have a total of 50 friends coming to the wedding, and if all received a plus-one, it would be 100 guests, not including family.

So, they decided to only give a plus-one to guests that are engaged or married, and everyone else is expected to come alone. I can understand not giving a plus-one to those who are single, or those who are who simply dating someone, but not giving a plus-one to people in a long-term relationship and who LIVE together?

In Gmail (and some other email services and programs), you can enable an unsend feature that gives you a couple of seconds to undo potential damage even after sending.

You don't leave on a vacation and park your car right in front of your neighbor's house.He then takes his place to her right, also continuing to stand.Both remain standing until all the ladies have been seated.Pay some—though not too pedantically much—attention to punctuation.More » When your photos look good in your email, you look good, too!I've lived in my house in south city for 5 years, and during those five years, you get to know the 'rules' of parking on your block. If you park before your neighbor gets home, you make sure that you pull up or back enough so that your neighbor doesn't have to parallel park to get in their spot.6.

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