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After all, as a perennially single man, I can offer no valuable relationship guidance to men women. I examine evidence, and I believe the evidence on the sexes is clear: Women are evolving faster than men.Education, espionage, gambling, hedge-fund management—data suggests that you now outperform us at s these things (and that when the going gets tough, we should seek out female doctors, cops and loan officers).The fact that you remember someone just started a new job or the name of another person's boyfriend makes small talk super easy. Handling Your Joint Finances While we're pretty damn good at spending, saving comes pretty easily to us too.Last year, the New York Times published an article about how women were making more money in the stock market than men.And a recent New York City traffic study found that over the past five years, 80 percent of accidents where pedestrians were seriously injured or killed involved a male driver. At the Racetrack Gambling may be considered the ultimate boys' activity, but a comprehensive study of over 40,000 gamblers found that it's women who are better at making bets and turning a profit. We tend to act more quickly and be more aggressive with our bets. Working the Room at a Cocktail Party Women are significantly better at remembering words, faces, and everyday events, according to recent studies.(It's an evolutionary trait we gained when we had to keep track of which guys were worthy and which women to watch out for.) Which means that you're also awesome at striking up conversations with people and keeping them going.—Homer Simpson Toy badges may not be on most little girls' wish lists, but maybe they should be: Studies show that women cops may be more trustworthy, less corruptible and less likely to rely on physical force than their male counterparts, making them better at defusing violent situations. Lima, Peru, is teeming with crime and has a police corruption problem, as does the Russian city of Volgograd. In seven out of the eight attributes, including honesty—considered the most important for politicians—respondents described women as equal to or better than men, usually by a large margin.

We weigh our options and think things over, while men act with their gut and can be prone to make rash decisions.5.Just after his 36th birthday, he had a multimillion-dollar contract, a loft in Tribeca, two Porsches, and an old moonshine shack he rented in Sag Harbor, Long Island.But after mortgage-backed securities started melting down and the rotten core of the financial system was revealed, Ratigan was feeling fraudulent – just another loudmouth cheering on players in a rigged game.After all, part of dating is finding out where you and your partner might be incompatible; what you like or dislike is a major part of that, right?It’s just interesting that this app seems to totally take that thought and .You can either “love,” “like,” “dislike,” or “hate” things as they show up.

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