Cupid dating show lisa shannon


, CBS's latest reality dating show, fans will find out which suitor has been chosen to propose to the series's lovely 25-year-old heroine from among the remaining would-be romantics.

If Shannon accepts the proposal, the couple will be married right then and there.

In 2003, after the show aired, they moved to Chicago — Hank’s hometown — together.

In August of 2004, they were still together, having moved to LA, although they weren’t yet married or engaged.

Cupid was a short-lived reality dating series where a woman (Lisa Shannon a.k.a the "Cupid" girl) with the help of her "poison-tongued" friends named Laura and Kimberly travels throughout the U. to interview potential suitors in hopes of finding Mr.

Lisa Shannon may lack the wit, depth, and cleverness of an Austen heroine, but like many of Austen's women, she has put herself in the hands of others (in this case her friends and the TV audience), trusting that they will choose the right match.

The game was a dress rehearsal for the day when I would walk down the aisle with my own husband-to-be.

Finding true love was an inevitable part of my future. I think that was the age when I became aware of a ticking clock inside me, a sort of precursor to the biological clock.

I usually saved this game for when I visited my grandparents, who would provide an endless supply of lemon squash and biscuits while I transformed their dining room into a six-year-old’s impression of a bridal boutique: artificial flowers, white ribbons draped over the chairs, wisps of pink tissue paper all over the carpet.

Sometimes my grandmother would buy rice-paper confetti for the occasion.

From the age of 14, I had started to go off films with a heavy focus on romance. The clock got louder every time another of my friends’ Facebook statuses switched to ‘in a relationship’.

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