Consolidating old bart tickets


The one-way fare may not be helping fill seats, either.Rather than making a projected million profit in its first two years, the service has cost the agency 0,000.It just doesn’t work when the sense of citizenship is as understandably decentralized as it is in the Bay Area.What’s more, if you value transit-intensive core cities, places like San Francisco and Oakland, or if you want your city to be more like those places, you have an especially strong reason to want local control.ECCTA operates fixed-route and paratransit service under the name "Tri Delta Transit" and contracts with a private company, First Transit, for the operation of the buses.

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And several groups challenged BART’s assumptions that it could use the connector’s high fares to cover its operating costs.

Data recently obtained by this newspaper show those concerns have come to fruition, though not for reasons anyone suspected at the time.

The introduction of ride-booking services, such as Uber, Lyft and Wingz, at Oakland International Airport last year have consumed nearly all of the new business from the airport’s growing passenger traffic.

More than 100,000 people possess the smart cards, with many more expected as the publicity around them intensifies, and as more operators adopt them.

OAKLAND — BART’s Oakland Airport Connector — the sleek trams that whisk riders from the Coliseum station — seems to be falling victim to the ride-booking phenomenon that has also bedeviled taxis, shuttles and other airport transit services.

The press event was held beside the square-rigged Balclutha ship on Pier 45, not a true clipper, but a stately ship nonetheless.

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