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Casey Fleming, a mortgage advisor with C2 FINANCIAL CORPORATION and author of “The Loan Guide: How to Get the Best Possible Mortgage,” cites these as reasons you may think of consolidating. Reduce Your Interest Rate As recently as eight years ago, average mortgage rates were much higher.In mid-June 2007, for instance, the average 30-year rate hit a high of 6.74%.Managing personal finance can be a difficult task, especially when trying to juggle multiple financial accounts.Just remembering the user name and password for multiple sites can be a chore, much less learning each site’s user interface, remembering where your assets are located, setting up a system to automate investment contributions bill pay, etc.

Today, it's harder to qualify, but interest rates are lower.The mortgage market has changed a lot in the past decade.In the past virtually anybody could get a mortgage – even one for much more than they could afford.Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of account consolidation. I primarily use USAA, but also have an online savings account with other banks because they have higher interest rates in the US at the moment .In addition, I have an account which I use for many online transactions and as a bridge to my Pay Pal account, and since USAA doesn’t offer business account, I have a business checking account at a local bank and an online business savings account for higher interest.Don’t forget, the IRS now requires annual tax returns to include information on whether an RMD was required for each account.

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