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Courses are sequential; Art 3370 is prerequisite to Art 3380.

Prerequisites: ART 2900 and ART 3370 or department head approval. Courses are sequential for Art majors; Art 4050 is prerequisite to Art 4060.

The last thing you want is your photo to be spread around, so be sure to have that conversation before hand, therefore leaving you both on the same page.

Be Aware of the Content/Privacy Settings and Regulations When sending your risky pictures, be aware that some websites are easy to hack into, and also, that some companies own whatever pictures you send or post.

The blog now features the works of 320 figure painters, has more than 1,100 followers and more than 7,500 Facebook fans.

WPW exhibits have been held or are scheduled in Nashville, Brooklyn, Sag Harbor, N. The pieces in the Townsend exhibit represent numerous styles, including painting, drawing, mixed media, printmaking and pastel, and they showcase women in various stages of life and poses.

And it gets better – the common practice in the group is for the poster to delete their own texts from their side of the conversation, so that it looks like the guy is texting them and sending them nudes or dick pics, etc, unsolicited, or with large spans of time in between texts – when the girls really just removed their side of the conversation, making the guys actually look like asses, when in reality it was the girl being the ass.

UPDATE #2: Here is a partial list of the ‘fuckboys’ as they are being called.

"On the other end of the style spectrum, Elain Despins paints with a loaded brush and uses sharp, rather acidic colors in the strong portrait, 'Magali.'" Simak says she also chose works that broke with tradition.

As with many Nashville stories, this one started with a stripper from The Crazy Horse. Miranda is a 23 year old who apparently has been scorned by more than one guy in her time.

I can imagine that this happens a lot with strippers – they give out their phone number, then they ignore texts from the guys after leading them on, and then they accuse them of being a ‘fuckboy’ (or fuccboy or fuccboi, etc..) for texting them, when they were, in fact, usually the one leading the guy on.

We’ve re-raised the issue to FB Support and will follow up, as we can still access the group despite their wording the group has been removed. From one of our best tips yet, it’s been a busy week in Facebook land for a group of Nashville ladies in the FUCKBOYS OF NASHVILLE EXPOSED Facebook group.

Well, it actually just started with one, and we’ll use the term ‘ladies’ loosely as you judge for yourself.

Prerequisites: ART 1010, ART 1050, ART 1060 or department head approval. Courses are sequential for art majors; Art 2070 is prerequisite to Art 2080.

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