Catrice liquid liner dating joe black

W wyjątkowych sytuacjach czas realizacji może ulec wydłużeniu.Firma NANOSOFT nie odpowiada za treści wprowadzane przez użytkowników witryny Almost where your liner of the upper lash line is ending. All you have to do is move your finger left and right on your lower lash line without putting any pressure. If you are not comfortable using your finger, use a pencil brush. If you have ever used in your life, you’d probably find this easy.It’s like you have to make a “V” on the outer corner of your eye. It would look something like this: Now the waterline. I line my upper water line and lower waterline in one go. Don’t poke it in your eye, just place it almost on the center of your eyes. Now take some powder on flat brush: and place it right on the edges of your liner. You can do the same thing on the upper lash line as well 🙂 and you are done! If you find any problem with your liner, just take come makeup remover on a Q tip and fix it.

Alle aufgeführten Konservierungsstoffe sind Stoffe aus der Positivliste der Konservierungsstoffe (Anhang V der Kosmetikrichtlinie).

Bu ürün hakkinda aslinda bir degerlendirme yapmayacaktim, fakat Nimo ve Eba Design bunu Günün Makyaji yazimda görmüsler ve cok begenmisler durusunu ve mat bitisini, bu yüzden ben de detayli bir yazi yazmaya karar verdim. Catrice ise cok olgun, cok daha elegant ve 'kadinsi'. If you compare products of these brands, then you will know what I'm talking about. But I must warn you, if you buy this eyeliner and want to use it, you have to first scrape off any excess on the edge of the tube, because it takes out a LOT of product, it could be too much. Ilk basta cok sasirmistim, cünkü benim simdiye kadar kullandigim sivi eyelinerlarin yapisi daha kalindi. Bununla calisirken dikkat edin, dedigim gibi fircada cok fazla ürün olmasin, yoksa her yere bulasabilir.

Essence is a little more on the childish/girly side, whereas Catrice is more of a grown-up kind of brand.

An advantage of the thin texture is that it doesn't feel heavy on your eyes at all.

Some eyeliners tend to make my lids feel a little heavier, but this one doesn't.

It has a very liquidy and thin texture/consistency.

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