Campagnolo dating

or Brevettato) is Italian for "patented." Check out your Campy gear--especially older parts--and you're bound to find in there somewhere (although sometimes they stamped "Patented" in English).

It seems almost everything on Campy's parts was patentable in some way.

As an example, the Nuovo Record rear derailleur has a patent date that corresponds to its manufacturing date.

And the lock nut on the hub axle typically is stamped with "CAM.

Regina's offerings were usually the item of choice. (Trade show catalogs showcase the upcoming model year.) As far as I know, no changes in 1990 for Record, Croce D'Aune and Chorus. Record & Croce D'Aune dated March 1988, Chorus & Athena dated April 1988, Euclid dated September 1988, Rims dated November 1988, Syncro & Synt dated February 1988. Catalog contains exploded assembly views of all components and detailed parts break-down and assembly.

This was his incentive to invent a better device to fasten the wheel to the frame.

On February 8th, 1930 he patents the Campagnolo quick release fitting with cam fastening.

Sometimes considered the last (and best) year of the "C-Record" era.

This is the last year Components did not have the group name printed on them.

60" or some other number corresponding to the last two digits of the year of manufacture.

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