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They are said to share similar tastes in music and to be supportive of each other's careers. He debuted in 2006 with a stint in the musical Altar Boyz and has gone on to play lead roles in TV shows such as Bread, Love And Dreams (2010) and Good Doctor (2013).

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Bo A was trained for two-years before releasing ID; Peace B, her debut Korean album in 2000.

Joowon, currently shooting the upcoming series “My Sassy Girl” slated to premiere in May, made his debut in the 2006 musical “Altar Boyz” and rose to fame with a string of hit dramas including KBS series “King of Baking, Kim Takgu,” “Ojakgyo Family,” “Bridal Mask,” and “Good Doctor” and MBC drama “7th Grade Civil Servant.” In 2015, he was awarded the grand prize at the SBS Drama Awards for his performance in the drama “Yong-Pal.” The celebrity is to begin mandatory military service this year, as all able-bodied South Korean men are subject to compulsory military service for about two years in a country that faces North Korea across a heavily fortified border. The idol-turned-actress, who was recently applauded for stable acting in the JTBC drama “My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week,” is currently preparing for an upcoming album.

Bo A, the first idol singer to spark up “hallyu,” or the Asia-wide boom of Korean pop culture, debuted as a teen star in 2000 with her first album “ID: Peace B.” She later had consecutive hit releases including “Number One” and “Atlantic Girl.” Her success won her a director position at her management company S.

After the success in both countries, she raise to fame in America with the single Eat You Up. Bo A is a native Korean singer but expanded her talent to Japan, China and America.

After the success in both countries, she raise to fame in America with the single Eat You Up. EDIT: The most common boa (in the pet trade), the Red Tail Boa, reaches a range of 6-12 ft., depending on locality (Argentinian, Hog Island, Colombian, etc.). The shortest I would say is some species of sand boa.

Her second album "Maybe" was released in 2003, however, sold poorly.

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