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An attempt to arrange a marriage between two reluctant kids.

A girl with an original way to earn money for law school.

1956In her role as Nancy Hughes, Helen Wagner speaks the opening line of “As The World Turns”: “Good morning, Chris.” She will play the part from then on.

The actress has been cited in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for Longest Time in the Same Television Role.

Not of the silly "If You're Going to San Francisco, Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair" variety, but a live-and-let-live innocence that looks like democracy. Maupin's San Francisco are hardly perfect but they are tolerant. Even the unhip, unyoung and unliberal are embraced. As Richard Kramer, who wrote the script of "Tales of the City," explained to me, Mr. The specific answers can be found in his sequels to "Tales of the City," which eventually pick up the trail of a deadly intruder.

Women and men listen to one another and, if they battle, do so with well-chosen words, however angry, rather than with attitudes, fists or knives. More erotic than any of the show's many trysts featuring nude young bodies is the affair between a patrician Republican advertising man of 60-something (played by Donald Moffat) and the 56-year-old Barbary Lane landlady, Anna Madrigal (Olympia Dukakis). Maupin's San Francisco "is a tiny little postage stamp of earth that maybe never existed." But it isn't nostalgic sentimentality to believe in Mr. His American city is an extended, improvised and sometimes contentious American family -- an attainable community, not a utopia -- far more loving than most conventional families, including that couple who stepped right off a wedding cake, John and Lorena. But the larger answer has to do with a virus of the mind, not body.

Despite the “anything goes” mindset, hippies didn’t seem to have much of a sense of humor.

They are the first 30-minute daytime soaps on television.

ITV had no comment when contacted by Daily Star Online.

CBS has cancelled "As The World Turns." The show has been on CBS TV since April 2, 1956.

Should I watch a perky animated condom leap into a couple's bed? Everyone smoking dope and coupling without benefit of wedlock.

If I did, I could take sides in the new and rancorous debate about whether the Government should produce commercials promoting safe sex. This is the mini-series "Tales of the City" on PBS, and why, after a hard day of trying to duck the crossfire about condom ads and the Bobbitts, does it come as a relief?

A multi-millionaire finds that money cannot buy his secretary's affections.

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