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She's texting back and forth to this boy of the same age and in one text it's revealed that he has said he would like to have sex with her!

Now, I am in no doubt she has little true, real understanding of what's involved but I don't know whether to have a casual chat with her about the fact that sex between anyone under 16 with anyone else of any age is against the law... As with everything at this age, the routine seems to be say 20 texts that get quite heavy, then all of a sudden it's "Bye, see ya x" as though the previous texts didn't just take place!

Hi all Just wondered if anyone is aware of the kind of sexual conversations their children have with the opposite sex. She had a bit of a run-in with a pervy bloke on youtube so I now carefully monitor her email and text activity.

this is not to pry on her but to keep her safe, to make sure she's not suffering something that's upsetting her/that she's not upsetting anyone else.

as well as the conversations and jokes you share with your closest friends and peers are probably often about sex, relationships, etc.

But if they’re not, there’s still going to be a ton of takeaways for you in this lesson. 70 words and expressions relating to dating, relationships and other related vocabulary.

That’s because you probably aren’t satisfied by just knowing the basic ways of using your English.He explained to me at length about how happiness didn’t really exist, but after setting me straight on that subject didn’t want to talk about it anymore, and after a few failed attempts at other topics, after an awkward pause in the conversation (my fault as much as his), he said, “Um, so where are you from? I’ve never had the gumption to try it, I have to admit.” It was such a listless, uninspired effort that I leaned over, put my hand on his arm, and said meanly, “Now, Paul, surely we can do better than that! (It is moments like that that make me happy that I basically gave up drinking.) So what can you do when the conversation is such a struggle? What are some other strategies for starting an interesting conversation with a stranger? On a related note, here are some tips if you can’t remember someone’s name.begin by complimenting a woman when you don’t even know her, don’t behave like guys who are failures, Saturday night woman chasers who wind up as Sunday morning losers. It’s also the biggest mistake our loser friends make, yes the Sunday morning ones…in fact, a typical man always starts by telling his life story and how boring his job is…In fact, talking to a woman is hardly adequate to seduce her, and I always remind people, seduction is an art that entails an obligation to follow a number of very seductive rules of conduct.

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