Avg not updating


I recall reading about this over 2 weeks ago thought the problem had corrected itself. I did go to the AVG forum(website) but it's all too tech speak for my understanding.

Hopefully someone here at BC can explain it in "novice" terms?

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I haven't been able to update my free AVG Anti-Spyware due to similar things like "Error: Failed to send receive data: 0".

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If, for whatever reason, you find that you’re still running an old version, you can manually update to the latest version by downloading and running the installer that applies to your AVG product..

same thing here 6 diferent systems on three diferent networks all having the same issues one network has 10 systems on it and 3 of them will not update except for offline updates.

I Googled for similar problems and most people said that it started working again. They're a picky bunch, so don't be surprised if they seem grouchy.

I also found on the "wildersecurity" forums that AVG Anti-Spyware may be "neglected" because a new AVG8 suite is coming out, with everything. Mine is updating fine, but you might try uninstalling it and then downloading it again and then reinstall it and see if you can update it then.

They might just happen to be carrying out Server Maintenance. For what it is worth, I found the following stock reply from Grisoft's forums about the server/update problem:"The new long awaited program update v8.0.169 was just released...

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