Aunty sex chat to read

rajat: how deep is thatkalpana: you wont get hurtrajat: okkkkkrajat: ok take it inside….n wat i hv to do after thisrajat: going inkalpana: you wil feel really goodrajat: mmmm……ahhhhhh,,,,ohhhh yeahhhh….hole is bit tight or mine is bit big aunty….rajat: y nt going smoothly just shake you body back and frontrajat: okkkkkkrajat: wont it hurt ukalpana: jst push it hardrajat: okkkkkkkkrajat: can u take my penis easily in ur hole auntykalpana: ooouuhchrajat: aghhhhhh..myyyy…mmmm…its heaven….ahhhhhh……..rajat: kya hua aunty.y ouch kalpana: its pain a bitrajat: y aunty…..rajat: is hole small or mine bigkalpana: oooohhhrajat: kkkkkaaa…..ahhhhhhh…u feel my penis is thick aunty…it really thick or just said to please me….rajat: cn u feel my thick ness nowkalpana: yours is bigrajat: thnks,…..rajat: enough for ur sacred hole nakalpana: yesrajat: aunty who is that young gal in that roomrajat: wats thsi is called aunty wat we r doing now…me in ur hole n back n fro…..????

Naaku 21 year jarigina sangatana inti pakkalone maa atta untundi.aameku e madye pelli 27 dhaaka untundi.chaala sexy ga untundi.thanani choosthe evarikaina mood vachesthundi.aunty nadumu chaala sexy undedhi.saree boddu kindaku katti expose chesedhi.naaku aunty nadumu ni gattiga adamaalani korika.boobs kooda chaala peddaga vaalla intiki roju velle uncle duty meeda vere voorlo unde roju vaalla intiki velli,aunty tho kaburlu cheppe vaadni..aunty nannu chinna pilladila choosedhi.

I was awoken by Jane coming into the bedroom with a tray of toast and a cup of tea, she only had a sexy nighty on that looked sexy because I could see right through it and her boobs were clearly visible, there was no pussy to see because she had a thong underneath, I sat up as she came closer and exposed my tits for her to see, I commented that they looked lovely, she looked at herself and smile and said, that she thought that I would like to see them in her nighty and I agreed, she put the tray down and went, saying she had run me a bath, I knew where this was going to and I was not going to let the opportunity pass me bye, that is nice, I remarked, drinking my tea and then getting out of bed where she see me naked, she took my hand and lead me to the bathroom, I climbed in and she knelt beside the bath watching, I washed my face as she continued to sit there, then as if she planned it she took hold of the soap, let me, she remarked, she lathered up and took hold of my cock and played with me, it was so electrifying feeling her hand about my cock, wanking till I came she seemed to have everything worked out, she cleaned me up and then suggested that I got out of the bath, when she had finished drying me she took me to her bedroom and started to get some clothes out, she put panties and bras on the bed, for you to wear without any strings attached if I wanted,, she was browsing through the skirts, then out came the skirt that I had been wearing earlier, she passed it to me, I want to see you dressed as if you were at home, a girl, ok I replied, she was into the other side of the wardrobe, this is what I am looking for, she produced a hanger with a white silk robe and a short little slip that was very much see through, she passed this to me, try them on she asked, I looked down at nightie, yes, she asked, the nightie would look good on you, you can put it on and I can tell you if it is nice, then we can do your make up and I have some wigs somewhere which would give you a good opportunity to be like a woman, she smiled, I picked it up and went to go but she gently held me by the arm, why not put it on hear, it would save you going back and forwards, you are shy, I got into the nightie and panties and paraded about the bedroom for her, she like this, beckoning me to the stool I sat down and we put make up and a lovely blonde wig that suited me like a grove, there she said, sexy as hell and more than shagable, you have made me all horny and wanting it now, she said taking me aback, she was peeling her clothes off one garment at a time and I sat there watching, you like she asked and I nodded , I thought she was going to stop and her bra but that came off soon followed by her panties, Wow, I said looking at her naked body all over, you like to see your naked Aunty, she asked, yes, I replied, then she straddled me, kissing me all the way about my neck, make love to me, she whispered, didn’t need a second invitation, my cock slipped into her grapping hole and she rode me for all she was worth, she came several times but her sex drive was very strong, she jumped onto the bed , and opened her legs wide open, do you like eating pussy, she asked, yes, well eat away my lover, it was the first time tasting hot and raw pussy and it was a required taste but soon I really did want to eat her soft love lips, after 30 minutes she took hold of me and pulled me onto her once again, and I was happy to continue to fuck her, when I came for the second time she held me in her till me cock had ebbed, that was great, I needed some me love, and I hope you enjoyed yourself, I did, I replied, we my young girly love there is much more to come if you feel up to it, she said rolling me onto her back, I looked up at her breasts and wishing I had tits like hers, do you know Jane, I have always wanted to get into your knickers now I can say I have not only got into your knickers but even got inside you, well we both got out of it what we wanted didn’t we sweet.

kalpana: she will cryrajat: leave anusrajat: hahaharajat: even in choot she will crykalpana: yesrajat: okkkrajat: hahaharajat: n u will cry in anusrajat: bt u cn take mine easily in ur choot nakalpana: i think sorajat: okkkrajat: n wat if i forcefully insert my full in ur anuskalpana: i will pu sh you ans run awayrajat: wat color chaddhi u weraing nowkalpana: what is chaddhirajat: pantykalpana: blackrajat: okkkrajat: how long ur pussy hairsrajat: these dayskalpana: must be 3, 4 cmsrajat: okkkkalpana: not surerajat: okkkkrajat: aunty man kar raha hai aapki cousin ki gaand mein pura ghusa doonkalpana: whatrajat: feeling like filling ur cousin's anus with my penisrajat: would u mindkalpana: she will die if u do thatrajat: yrajat: i think after pain n crying she will take somekalpana: i dont know thatrajat: ok bt u wont die na…u will just cry so thats okkalpana: but still it pains alot u dont knowrajat: okkkkkalpana: why you want to do thatrajat: sometimes even i insert my finger in my anusrajat: i wana fuck ur cousin in anuskalpana: do you like it morerajat: that too witht using creamrajat: n in one shotrajat: now wat u say? kalpana: you want to do wildly thats whyrajat: okkkrajat: t if i do that with ur cousin…wat will ma happenrajat: tell me seriouslykalpana: she will beat yourajat: hahaharajat: bt wat will happen to herkalpana: whatrajat: wat will happen to her if i insert at once in her anus withot ne creamkalpana: if you are strong she will have to surrender other wise she will kick you and escaperajat: hahaharajat: bt i hv no plans for her bt for u i hv somthngkalpana: whatrajat: i will make u sit in doggy style…rajat: will apply some jelly on ur anus n my penis tip n slowly i'll enter ur small holekalpana: okrajat: bt if ur cousin watches me doing this to u i'll enter her anus toorajat: would u mind my entering ur cousins anuskalpana: i dont have any problem but she will not be intereste d in thisrajat: okkkkrajat: i'll do tying herrajat: will u help me in entering her nausrajat: anuskalpana: leave herrajat: okkkkkalpana: if u want do it to merajat: then i wana uuuuuuuurajat: i wana do it only to uuuuurajat: i was just m,aking u lil hot n jealous so that u get wild n allow me to enter ur smallest anus holekalpana: okrajat: wat all u wearing auntyrajat: tell me in detail n if possible open one of my penis picskalpana: okrajat: see my penbis pic n tell me wat all u wearingkalpana: blue blouserajat: mmmkalpana: light blue sareerajat: okkkkrajat: chaddhi n bra colorkalpana: black pantykalpana: brown petticoatrajat: mmmm…..rajat: n inside ur chaddhi there is hot hair choottttttttt……rajat: mera khada ho gaya hai auntykalpana: black pantyrajat: mmmm……kalpana: it is hot now so a not wearin g brarajat: mmmm…..ahhhhhhrajat: ur big mangoes…i'll sqeeze them n suck them allll…..kalpana: ?? kalpana: hmrajat: aunty cooperate na…..kalpana: my nipples are stiff nowrajat: mmmm…rerally….rajat: sacch meinrajat: i have raised ur saree till kness…..kalpana: yesrajat: knees…….going above …..rajat: ur thigs……rajat: licking them………alllllrajat: smoothlyyyyy…rajat: ahhhhhhh,,,,,,,kalpana: hmmrajat: ouchhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm…….rajat: more raised……n cn see that tint blak cloth….rajat: mmmmmmmmmmmooooooa…..kalpana: ooouuchrajat: ahhhhhhsss……rajat: wats that cloth auntykalpana: whatrajat: that black tiny cloth inside ur sareerajat: (just think me innocent kid)kalpana: ahhh..pantyrajat: mmmm….y u wear it auntyrajat: wats d use………..(meanwhile i have raised saree till waist n see ur panty full)kalpana: you want it then takera jat: bt y u wear auntyrajat: wats d use….rajat: let me take it out n see wats itrajat: i'm taking off ur chaddhi……..rajat: ohhhhmyyyy…this aunty……wats this haisy jungle n wats there below it…..rajat: batao na aunty.,…… nenu nemmadiga nijam voppukuna.aunty tho mee nadumu chaala baguntundi ani voppukunna.aunty navvuthu,andukena massage chestha annaav andi?kaadu aunty,alaa chesthunnappudu gillalanipinchindi anduke alaa chesaanu ani sorry cheppa.aunty ok ani naa college vishayalu adigindi.chaala sepu kaburlu cheppukunnam.rathri intiki velleppudu aunty nadumu vaipu choosthu bye cheppi bayaludera.aunty gatti aunty ani adiga? Her husband had left her some years back due to some family problem. We freely move, chat with her and she is more friendly with our family members. She has two beautiful tits, strong and straight and in the size of two big apples. I was wondering with this charming beauty, how she manages without being with her husband. She frequently comes to our place as she is more fond of our family.I had some doubt that my aunt might have seen and kept it there. My aunt has straightaway asked me where did you get the phonographic book. I pleaded with my aunt not to disclose this to my parents since they are very strict.

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