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"It sucks that people who didn't make the cut for finals here will now get a free pass," said men's halfpipe competitor Louie Vito, who finished second in qualifiers behind Greg Bretz and ahead of Shaun White.

"I jacked my back in practice for qualifiers and still rode, knowing how high the stakes were.

Vestal now rents 50 desert acres that are bicycling distance, about four miles, from the Coachella festival.

The space includes a grassy patch in the sand, a pond (no swimming, though that rule allegedly has been challenged in the wee hours), horses (no riding, another regulation I’m told has been flouted in the middle of the night), a swimming pool (one guest tells me the water darkens as the days progress), and shuttles that run between the festival and the camp. A.-based sports agent Ryan Runke calls Vestal Village “summer camp for adults.” But Laguna Beach and Santa Monica artist Sticky Shaw, whose collages appear on skateboards and action sportswear, says the sanctioned bungee-slinging was stopped a few years ago when MTV showed up to film its show “Ridiculousness” and captured two mishaps.

Strangely (or perhaps not so strangely) the women’s Olympic halfpipe squad of Kelly Clark, Gretchen Bleiler, Hannah Teter and Elena Hight will now be exactly the same as the one that dominated at the 2006 Olympics in Turin.

Hight was just sixteen at the time of the last Olympics, but still finished sixth overall.

Louie Vito, 21 Louie Vito is one of the biggest names right now in snowboarding.

It marked the first time he landed the trick in competition.

They’ll get invited to one of the exclusive parties that encircle the big music festival.Dozens of small events beckon the boho class to the desert at the end of April, but one of the real ragers is Vestal Village, a sprawling, three-day, invitation-only campout and all-night barn dance hosted by Vestal, a Costa Mesa-based watch company now venturing into eyewear and apparel. After all, Vestal’s president Johnny Gehris and marketing VP Derek Boucher are locals. All the Hula-Hoops and flamingo decor and moonshine and Burning Man encampments and face painting? The music can be so great at Vestal Village that many guests never make it to the Coachella festival itself.Unfortunately, Vestal Village is in a secret location with security guards, the numbers are limited to about a thousand, and the guest list, in its sixth year, is beginning to calcify. And this is Orange County, land of the friend-of-a-friend. Long-time guest Mark Clausen ticks off his favorite acts that have played at the encampment: Robert De Long, Nick Waterhouse, Magic Wands, and LA Riots.Greg Bretz and Elena Hight have been named as the final two members of the US Olympic halfpipe squad.After two seriously fiercely fought qualifying contests over the weekend, the newcomer Bretz was left equal on qualifying points with two other riders – the much-fancied Frends crew member Luke Mitrani and the veteran JJ Thomas, leaving US Olympic organisers facing a tough choice."[The decision] won't appease all parties involved," said Van Guilder.

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