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“When I tell people I’m an Italian Jew, they’re very amused by it,” he said in a recent telephone interview about his dating show, “My Antonio,” on VH1.“But obviously by blood I’m Jewish because my mother is.” His mother, Yvonne, is the reason Sabato was speaking for the first time about his Jewish roots.Mallory: I am TOTALLY resisting the impulse to make a virgin who can't drive joke about you, by the by Becca: I know! Although if he had any sense of shame, he wouldn't be on this show in the first place, so I suppose it is a moot point. It was, like, someone pointing a camcorder in the general direction of a TV! Is that how you get around ABC Daytime being assholes?I almost added "which makes me totally different, I suspect, from the contestants on this show." But I thought they might take my feminist card for that. Plus I had to see which house this lovely English couple chose in northern Spain on House Hunters International. Not that you can ever get around ABC being assholes, in the bigger picture sense.Sabato had his third child, Antonio Kamakanaalohamaikalani, in May 2011 with wife, Cheryl Moana Marie Nunes, whom he married in September 2012. The couple is reportedly planning on naming the little guy Antonio Sabato III after the actor and his grandfather.Along with speeches from a plagiarizing Melania Trump, a decidedly not-Zen Rudy Giuliani, and the duck man from TV, Antonio Sabato Jr. And CNN managed to redeem itself slightly — slightly — from its never-ending missing-plane coverage and the hiring of former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski by subtly shading Sabato Jr. One caption reads “Soap Star: I’m concerned about our country’s future” and mentioned his reality dating show, My Antonio.What kind of person would go on a reality dating show with his mother in tow giving every potential love connection the once-over?

nostalgia is so strong, your yearning to remember the days when the show didn't stink the place up so intense, your affection for Antonio Sabato Jr.'s bare torso so longstanding that you will watch even his cheesy, low-rent VH1 reality dating show fame-grab -- er, quest for love? Fortunately for the smarter of you out there who avoided it, we took one for the team and live-blogged this thing.

When you’re in my business, you can’t talk about [conservative] politics," the actor told Variety in an interview after the convention. You’re attacked viciously in a way that I’ve never been attacked before." "I was never a politician. The media and the liberals act the way they act: They will back up the president until the end. I’ve had fantastic directors who have said officially to my agents and managers they will never hire me again. Watch Sabato Jr.'s full speech from the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland below.

hasn't seen VH1's other reality dating series, but he says his show, "My Antonio," will be the classiest of them all."It's going to be different because of me," he told The News. "She's a very compelling person to hang around and I thought it would be interesting to see what these girls could possibly talk to my mom about.

According to documents filed with the Federal Election Commission on Monday, the former "General Hospital" and "Melrose Place" actor will run against Democrat Julia Brownley who represents the southern central coast and most of Ventura County.

Sabato was one of the featured speakers on opening night of the Republican National Convention back in July where he gave a full-throated endorsement of Trump.

Becca: I'm sure she's very intelligent, Mallory. We're only a few minutes into the episode and she went to the sucking place! Mallory: I also like how he described walking up to the girls as "It was really blurry".

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