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Amanda Nunes says she and her girlfriend have already worked out the name issue when they tie the knot ... Amanda has been dating UFC fighter Nina Ansaroff for a while and they've been talking A LOT about marriage lately (Nunes even fake proposed during the interview). Previous Placing: 2/20 | 9/20 | 4/18 Days Lasted: 39 | 27 | 38 Correctly Voted for Boot: 8 | 7 | 2 Votes Received: 1 | 9 | 17 Individual Immunity Challenge Wins: 5 | 2 Most Memorable Moment: Getting blindsided with an idol in his pocket in , where he was placed on a tribe full of Hispanic Americans, part of a controversial decision by Survivor to split the tribes by race.Oscar “Ozzy” Lusth Age: 34 Hometown: Venice, Calif.Previously Played On: Season 13: Cook Islands – Runner-up Season 16: Micronesia – Finished 9th & Jury Member Season 23: South Pacific – Finished 4th & Jury Member #Survivor #Survivor500 A post shared by CBS Survivor (@officialsurvivor_cbs) on fan-site True Dork Times.It’s almost unfathomable that romance can be found in the midst of a Survivor game.

It’s not clear as of yet if this will be mentioned on the show or the live reunion.

When the tribes switched from four to two, Ozzy ended up on the Aitu tribe and was instantly cast out of all alliances.

In the first Aitu tribal post swap, he lost one of his closest allies in Cecilia.

In his early days, he proved he was a dominate challenge competitor and very beneficial in camp life.

He helped his Aitu tribe mates throw one of the first challenges of the season to eliminate Billy Garcia; a contestant viewed as lazy and dead weight to his tribe.

Candice and Penner jumped ship and joined the Raro tribe, putting Aitu at an eight to four disadvantage.

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