Adrian grenier dating sasha


When she first appeared on the show, her hair was just past shoulder length.

But her work on The Girlfriend Experience had caught the attention of Doug Ellin, creator of hit series Entourage, who approached her about a role in his hit TV show.Rumor has it that the producers of TV's hot Navy crime drama, NCIS, wanted Lauren Holly as part of her job requirement for her current role to crop her shoulder length lush red strands into a short hair style.Lauren joined the top rated show in the Fall of 2005 as NCIS Director Jenny Shepard who is a former flame of Jethro Gibbs and now his boss.Despite not winning, he signed a developmental contract with WWE, and was assigned to their developmental territory, Deep South Wrestling, where he wrestled as "Big Time" Nick Mitchell.He was later moved Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) where he joined the Spirit Squad faction.Images of Lauren getting cropped appeared on the Web through Entertainment Tonight.

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