Activities for dating in china ebon moss bachrach dating

I reached out to half a dozen Chinese women, all with Western boyfriends and husbands, to find out more on their feelings towards their relationships as well as the challenges that come with it.

According to Forbes magazine, 11 of the 20 richest self-made women in the world are Chinese, and now 19 per cent of Chinese women in management positions are CEOs, the second highest percentage worldwide (after Thailand’s 30 per cent).Here are some reasons why Chinese women are attracted to Western men: Almost all of the women I talked with said that they love that their men enjoy life.They won't want someone who lives just to climb the career ladder and spend all their waking hours working on business projects.Linking over 1 billion people, social media is one of the biggest strategies in everyday life and everyday business or marketing in China.This country has one of the biggest numbers of active users in social media with one of the biggest number of time spent in these social media platforms.Unfortunately for China’s women their new-found confidence has incited a backlash from men, the government and even their own families.

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